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Slater National Bank $2



1875 $2 Fr. 391 Charter #856

“A Lazy Deuce from the first of this bank’s two issuing locations. The official state seal, which is based on a design going back to colonial times, is a shield surrounding an anchor, with the motto Hope, on top. The bank note engravers embellished the shield, placed it on an ocean, modernized the anchor, and added a pair of sailing ships, one on each side of the shield.”

On the front of this note, the vignette at left is entitled “Stars and Stripes” and was designed by Louis Delnoce. On the back, Delnoce engraved an image entitled, “Sir Walter Raleigh Presenting Corn & Tobacco to the English.”

It is signed at top by Register of the Treasury John Allison and United States Treasurer A. U. Wyman. At the bottom are the signatures of William F. Sayles, the bank president and George W. Newell, cashier.

Ex. State Seal Collection

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