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Bank of North America $1

Bank of North America Providence

Bank of North America Wellstood

1850s Proof. RI-365 G8, Durand 1049

Imprint of Wellstood, Hanks, Hay, & Whiting. Face and back are separate pieces. Haxby lists as SENC.

Ex. 52 Collection
Ex. John J. Ford Jr. Collection

Wellstood, Hanks, Hay, & Whiting

Detail of central vignette. Liberty atop a globe that has the cities of San Francisco, New Orleans, Washington, New York, Boston and Providence noted.
Engraved by Wellstood, Hanks, Hay, & Whiting.

Wellstood, Hanks, Hay, & Whiting

Detail of vignette at left.

Detail of back plate.

Detail of back plate.

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