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Exchange Bank $1

exchange bank

February 2, 1813. RI-290 C4a, Durand 1288

Serial #77. Plate C. “An early contemporary counterfeit without an imprint, perhaps copying the style of Hamlin. A ‘C’ at top center is flanked by two round ‘1’ dies. Small circular vignettes at the ends show a plow at left and Hope with an anchor at the right.”

Forged signatures of Stephen Jackson, cashier, and Amos Throop, president.

As shown below, the presence of the “Hamlin” imprint suggests that the Exchange Bank’s early issues were created by William Hamlin, Rhode Island’s first engraver.

Ex: Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society

Detail of vignette at right.

Hope with anchor at right.

Detail of vignette at left.

Detail of vignette at left showing a plow. An inverted “Hamlin” imprint can be seen on the left edge.

Forged "Hamlin" imprint.

Forged “Hamlin” imprint, reversed.

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