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Rhode Island Central Bank $5

September 13, 1806. RI-100 C38, Durand 371, W-RI-330-005-C140

Haxby states that this design is a counterfeit of the bank’s first issue, while Bowers adds that genuine 5s have, “alternating flower garlands and girdwork segments” as well as an “Anchor on shield” as the main vignette (not an eagle on a globe). Since no known examples of the genuine note exist, it’s not possible to compare it to the design above nor to say if these first issues were actually engraved by William Hamlin, though the likelihood is strong. It’s also highly likely that Hamlin created the $1, $2, and $3 notes — all SENC — in this series.

Forged signatures of William Greene, cashier, and Ethan Clarke, president.

Detail showing the “Wm Hamlin Sc” engraver’s mark on bottom left.


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