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Greenville Bank $5

July 4, 1848. RI-465 G54, Durand UNL, W–RI-430-005-G030

Plate A. Imprint of Danforth & Hufty, New York & Phil. Printed on India paper. Portrait of Kate Sevier at right. Unlisted in Durand, but similar to 479 (with an 1848 date, not “18-“). Haxby lists as SENC, Bowers lists as “None known,” but does include this type as part of a $1-$1-$2-$5 sheet, where this note may have originated.

Vignette of Major General Zachary Taylor at left. Taylor was nominated to be the Whig Party’s presidential candidate on June 7, 1848, a month before this note is dated. He died in office, having served only 15 months in the White House. This same engraving was later used for a 1875 postage stamp and a Bureau of Engraving and Printing portrait.

Rhode Island State Seal.

General Taylor.

Portrait of Kate Sevier.

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