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Mercantile Bank, Providence

As noted in 1891:

“The Mercantile Bank was incorporated in May, 1854. It was first located at 49 Westminster street, and had a capital of $100,000. Its first board of directors were Thomas Davis, Allen Brown, D. G. Hall, Edmund Davis, William H. Greene, W. W. Updike, Asa Potter, William Hicks, and David C. Anthony. In 1865 this bank assumed the new form of organization as the First National Bank. About 1858 the bank was moved to 47 Westminster street, where it remains at the present time. The presidents have succeeded each other as follows: W. W. Updike to 1857; William H. Greene, 1857 to 1863; Amasa Sprague, 1863 to 1874; Samuel Foster, 1874 to 1879; Nelson W. Aldrich, 1879 to 1881; William J. King, 1881 to 1886; H. H. Thomas, 1886 to the present time.

“The first cashier was Asa Potter. He was succeeded by C. A. Tompkins, 1856 to 1862; W. P. Moulton, 1862 to 1865; William C. Townsend, 1865 to 1868; Joshua Wilbour, 1868 to 1874; H. A. Hunt, 1874 to 1881; C. E. Lapham, 1881 to the present time. The capital has varied, having at times been $300,000 and then double that amount, but is now $500,000. The directors are H. H. Thomas, George H. Dart, G. L. Littlefield, B. B. Knight, vS. A. Jenks, Edwin Barrows and William B. Waterman.” — Richard M. Bayles, ed. History of Providence County, Rhode Island, Volume I. New York: W. W. Preston, 1891.

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