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Second National Bank of Providence

“The Second National Bank was incorporated in June, 1864, with a capital of $500,000. Its location was at 37 Weybosset street. Its first president was Lyman B. Frieze and its first cashier was T. Salisbury. The first directors were Lyman B. Frieze, William Sprague, William Viall, James B. Ames, Albert T. Elliott, T. Salisbury and Amasa Sprague. Succeeding presidents were: Thomas A. Doyle. 1871 to 1874, and James M. Kimball, 1874 to the present time.

“The cashiers have been: T. Salisbury, 1865; John Wilbour, 1866; Joshua Wilbour, 1867; William W. Paine, 1868 to the present time. The bank was located at 41 Weybosset about 1867, and two years later removed to 56 Westminster, where it has remained to the present time. About 1875 the bank had a surplus of $200,000. Its capital at the present time is $300,000. Its directors are James M. Kimball, William W. Paine, John P. Campbell, James H. Chace, Edward P. Taft, John C. Wyman and William S. Granger.” — Richard M. Bayles, ed. History of Providence County, Rhode Island, Volume I. New York: W. W. Preston, 1891.

Second National joined with three other Providence banks in 1901 to become the United National Bank.




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