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Traders Bank, Providence

As noted in 1891:

“The Traders’ Bank was incorporated in June, 1836, with a capital of $200,000, which limit has since been maintained. Its location has been, even to the present time, in the Union Building, No. 4 Westminster street. It was reorganized in 1865 as the Traders’ National Bank. Successive presidents of this bank have been: Erastus F. Knowlton, to about 1840; Earl Carpenter, from that time to 1862; Z. R. Tucker, 1863 to 1873; Henry A. Webb, 1874 to the present time. The cashiers have been: Henry S. Angell, to about 1840; Henry A. Webb, from that time to 1857; Edwin Knight, 1858 to the present time. The directors are Henry A. Webb, Lewis W. Anthony, Albert H. Manchester, Jr., William A. Tucker, Almon Wade, William Sessions and Benjamin W. Spink.” — Richard M. Bayles, ed. History of Providence County, Rhode Island, Volume I. New York: W. W. Preston, 1891.

Chartered as the Traders National Bank of Providence in 1865. Liquidated December 31, 1896.


what cheer and traders bank

The Traders Bank was located in this building on Westminster Street, adjacent to the What Cheer Bank and the Union Bank.

Looking west, towards downtown.

The building that housed the Traders Bank is seen here prior to 1890. Today, this is the intersection of Memorial Boulevard and Westminster Street.

Looking toward downtown from College Hill, 1950. Union Buildings.

Looking toward downtown from College Hill, 1950. The former home of the Traders Bank is dwarfed by the Hospital Trust, Turk’s Head and Industrial Trust buildings that surround it. From Elmer S. Horton, A Market Street Memento. Providence: Citizens Bank, 1954. Courtesy of the Quahog Annex.

merchants bank providence

The site of the former Traders Bank today. Only the Merchants Bank building still stands.

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