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Providence Furniture Company $500

Providence Furniture


1875 Advertising Note

This elaborate note announced the opening of a new furniture store at 193-195 Broad Street in Providence. It was one of several businesses owned by Flint & Co., which had been founded in 1864 by H. S. Alonzo, and Ezra H. Flint. Flint & Co. also operated the largest junk store in Providence. They manufactured a popular elixir of the day called “Dr. Flint’s Quaker Bitters” and purchased the home furnishing company, B. P. Cunningham.

In 1919, the business was renamed the Flint-Adaskin Furniture Co. as a joint venture with the Adaskin Furniture Company of Springfield, Massachusetts. It appears to have gone out of business in the 1930s.

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