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Hopkinton Bank $10

Hopkinton Westerly

1850s Proof. RI-130 G30a, Durand 2454

“Danforth, Bald & Co., New York, & Philad. India paper only. Left end, wide scene of three men, flag greeted by Liberty from the clouds. Lower right, Indian princess and kneeling Ceres. Handsome type. Stamped on the verso by the ABN prior to the sale in 1990 with some heavier show through upper left on the vignette.”

The four figures at left represent Liberty, Commerce, Agriculture and Mechanics. Haxby lists as SENC, but since the American Bank Note Company archive sale, there are a handful of these known. The specific Durand and Haxby numbers above refer to a note with a back red imprint, which this note does not have.

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