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Farmers & Mechanics Bank $2

farmers mechanics providence

May 1, 1823. RI-220 G8a, Durand 897

“This is an extremely rare bank and $2 denomination. In distinctive Graphic Co. engraving style with end panel and die devices seen on Reed, Stiles & Co. Only two denominations, the $1 and the $5, are known to us, and Dave Bowers concurs in his commentary in the Encyclopedia. This adds to the very short census of known notes. A very quaint, folk style engraving at the top center shows a bull and a little sheep next to TWO on what appears to be a board from a fence; a pastoral setting is in the background. Intricate ends with very fine lathe work points. Curved RHODE ISLAND in the left and fine ovals with ‘2’ in the corners at right. Extremely rare, and the finest known from the bank.”

Signatures of Henry Marchant, cashier, and Abraham Wilkinson, president. This note appears to be made out to Wilkinson in the “promise to pay” section.

Haxby lists as SENC.

Ex: Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society


Central vignette.

Detail: Graphic & Co.

Detail: Graphic Co.

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