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Bank of Commerce $5

bank of commerce rhode island

January 1, 1852. RI-275 N15, Durand 1039

Spurious note. Plate A. Serial #2439. Forged signatures of Joseph H. Bourne, cashier, and Amos D. Smith, president.

“An unconfirmed ‘non-genuine’ or spurious note listed in the Bank Note Reporters of the period. The style is crude, and the note has a Wellstood, Benson & Hanks imprint. The shield at top center is flanked by flags, at left and Liberty, at right. A brig is at the lower left. Seated Navigation is at the lower right. Choice and rare.”

Haxby lists as SENC. A similar design to this spurious $5 from the State Bank.

Ex: Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society

Central vignette.

Oddly enough, the central vignette of this spurious note features the state seal of Connecticut, with its motto “Qui Transtulit Sustinet” (“He Who Transplanted Still Sustains”).

State Seal of Connecticut.

State Seal of Connecticut.

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