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State Bank, Providence

As noted in 1891:

“The State Bank was incorporated in May, 1850, with a capital of $150,000. It was located at 34 Westminster street; in 1855 its number was 32, and in 1865 it was 36 of the same street. In 1871 it moved to 4 Weybosset, and in 1880 to 65 Westminster, its present location. Its capital has varied at different times, for the last ten years or more being $77,225. In 1860 it was as high as $154,450. The first president was Duty Evans, who was followed by John P. Meriam, who served over 20 years. He was succeeded by Albert G. Utley about 1877, and he by James B. Arnold, 1S85 to the present time.

“The first cashier was C. R. Drowne, followed by Thomas H. Rhodes, 1854 to 1858; Fayette P. Brown, 1858 to 1863: Edwin A. Smith. 1863 to 1866; Samuel Kennedy, 1866 to 1874; Henry B. Dean, 1878 to the present time. The first board of directors were: Thomas H. Rhodes, Duty Evans, John N. Francis, David S. Carr, John P. Meriam, Lewis P. Mead, William O. Darling, N. A. Eddy and Walter W. Updike. The present directors are: Samuel W. Peckham, James B. Arnold, Henry B. Dean, Benjamin F. Arnold and Hiram Kendall.” — Richard M. Bayles, ed. History of Providence County, Rhode Island, Volume I. New York: W. W. Preston, 1891.

The State Bank of Providence was liquidated in 1893.





Turks Head Area, Weybosset Street, Providence

At right, second floor office of the State Bank.
Turk’s Head Area, Weybosset Street, Providence, WC1417. Rhode Island Collection, Providence Public Library, Providence, R.I. Reprinted with permission.


Copy of the bank’s charter from 1850.

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