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Weybosset Bank, Providence

William Rhodes, the bank’s first president. (From the Toppan, Carpenter & Co. engraved $5 below.)

Per a volume from 1891:

“The Weybosset Bank was incorporated in June, 1831 , with a stock capital of $300,000. Its early location was at No. 2 Weybosset street. it still maintains. Its capital increased from year to year, until 1859, when it was fixed at $500,000. In June, 1865, it became a national bank, and its capital continued at the amount last named. William Rhodes, its early president, continued until 1854; Alexander F. Adie, 1855 to 1862; Robert F. Stafford, 1862 to 1866; Frederick M. Ballon, 1866 to 1867: George A. Seagrave, 1867 to 1884; George B. Calder, 1885 to the present time. Luke Green, the early cashier, continued until 1856, when he was succeeded by William C. Townsend, 1856 to 1864; William R. Greene, 1864 to 1876; Ollys A. Jillson, 1876 to the present time.

“The present directors are: George B. Calder, F. M. Ballou, George W. Whitford, Augustus O. Bourn, James Tillinghast, Robert E. Northam, James F. Field, Frank E. Seagrave, Benjamin W. Persons and Herbert N. Fenner. “— Richard M. Bayles, ed. History of Providence County, Rhode Island, Volume I. New York: W. W. Preston, 1891.

The Weybosset National Bank was absorbed by Providence’s Union Trust Company on July 26, 1904. During its existence as a national institution, it issued $1,826,150 in bank notes, ranging from $1 to $100 bills. Today, there are 9 known to have survived.

The $5 counterfeit note below may have been made by a man named Andrew Wiseman, whose capture was colorfully described in this article from the New York Times of August 13, 1865: “Sergt. Webb Goes Among the Counterfeiters, and Gets Into a Cell.”



Weybosset Bank


Weybosset Bank

Weybosset National Bank


Bank check from 1838.

Bank check from October 5, 1838.

Check from 1840.

60-day promissory note, dated March 24, 1840, signed by Isaac Peace Hazard (1807-1892). On the Weybosset Bank.

Check from Weybosset Bank

60-day promissory note, dated October 1, 1840, for $1,000. On the Weybosset Bank, between Stafford & Lothrop and Isaac Peace Hazard.

Bank check from

Bank check from March 10, 1875. Title crossed out and replaced with the Grocers & Producers Bank.

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